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Why Isla Nena Scuba?

We train divers. We do not sell certifications. During your dive training with us you will spend more time in the water, repeat skills more often and receive more personal attention in smaller groups over more days than is typical. We strictly adhere to PADI standards, even extending time spent with students where we feel it necessary. This means that you will conclude your training as a confident, capable diver–able to actually use your certification for the independent diving it entitles you to.

Scuba DIvers, Vieques, Puerto Rico

We’ve got you covered! When you attend one of our PADI Open Water classes, as a U.S. resident (excluding Puerto Rico & USVI) you are covered by DAN at no additional cost for the duration of your class. If you are joining us on an advanced class or scuba tour and do not have dive insurance yet, you can join DAN and purchase insurance through us for just $65 a year. We highly recommend this as most medical insurances do not cover dive accidents.

We have the best equipment. We are the only dive operator on Vieques whose owner is a certified technician for scuba equipment. That means we don’t only purchase the best, most dependable gear; we also know how to keep it that way  so you will be safe and comfortable on every dive with us.

We care for our environment. We think of ourselves–and all divers–as ambassadors for the oceans and thereby the planet.

Coastal Cleanup, Vieques, Puerto Rico

We pay close attention to the ecological viability of all products we use and the practices we adhere to. Good environmental practice is also an integral part of our dive education and community outreach programs.

We are socially responsible. We feel it is important to give back to the community that has welcomed us as operators and keeps welcoming tourists. We therefore use as many local resources as possible, from the sourcing of dive snacks to the hiring of support staff. So the dollars you spend with us will benefit the people of the island you will love (If you don’t already).

Boat, Esperanza Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico

We provide an authentic experience. Our boat captains are locals who know these waters like the backs of their hands. They bring us to dive sites that no other outfit has access to. And they know when to go where to make the most of daily conditions from decades of experience on Vieques. Oh, and by the way, our divemasters carry a Nautilus GPS submersible marine VHF, so in the unlikely event that the boat lost track of the divers, they can call and transmit their position! (Not that we have ever had to make use of this, but it’s nice to know, no?)

 Top Photo © Mark Franco